How To Buy A Log Cabin?

How To Buy A Log Cabin?

Log cabin is like a dream house that can make your day. If you want to have such dream house, then one thing you need first is planning. Although, such homes are smaller and cheaper, but still, you cannot spend your money on a wrong choice. There are a lot companies that are offering construction and its planning with different price rates. We just want that you get the right one by following the steps we explained below. 

Step 1:

Root around listings of real estate for cabins that are listed as log cabin or log home. You will usually find them in rural settings. 

You may check websites like or

Step 2: 

Although, most garden buildings might not need planning permission, it’s still essential to check with local council to be sure. Because, requirements can differ in different areas. 

There are some criteria that if met, log structures might not generally require permission. 

  • If the cabin is within 2m of boundary of your property, it’s total height with the roof has to be lesser than 2.5m. 
  • If it’s over 2m from the boundary, the maximum eaves height of the building has to be less than 2.5m. If the cabin has an apex roof, the total height can be around 4m.  And if the cabin has a pent or hip roof, the total height can be around 3m.
  • The cabin must not has inner dimensions over 30sq.m.
  • The cabin must not occupy more than half of the property around the home. 

Step 3:

Purchase a log cabin kit. Such kits describe in great detail on how you can build a log cabin, including the measurements, the materials, as well as a lot of floor plans. 

There is a company named Frontier Log Homes that lets you choose and pick several aspects of the cabin. The company will help in milling the wood for you. They basically send a proficient crew with the kit to assemble the home. But if you want, you can go with hiring a local contractor instead. 

Step 4: 

Pick a plan for log cabin from an enterprise which specializes in modular buildings. With this, they will construct your home according to what you specify in their factory. 

If it’s smaller in size, it’ll be shipped to you as one piece.

If it’s bigger in size, it will come assembled in sections. The cabin will also be connected on your home site. 

Step 5: 

Now you will need to hire a builder for the construction of log cabin. 

There is a company, American Rustic Builder, that gives you a quote for making a cabin without a kit. They also can put you in contact with other builders that specialize in the field of timder and log framing. 

If you do not want to use plans of any company, you can opt for an architect to design blueprints. 

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