How To Hire A Construction Employment Agency

Recruiting a suitable employee for a construction work is one of the most challenging tasks. If you aren’t sure about how you can have the one you are looking for. You can take help from a construction employment agency. Such agencies will not only take the load but also help find the right candidate for you. 

But for this, you have to look for an agency that will not only be skilled but reliable as well. If you don’t know how to hire the right one, then we suggest you go through the tips we highlighted below. 

How To Hire A Construction Employment Agency

No hidden fees:

It will be better to pay a direct placement fee to the recruiting agency that is based on the percentage of the employee’s base salary. The fee should usually consist of 20-25% of the employee’s first year’s salary. 

However, the actual placement fee may vary with each agency. But the agency has to send an invoice that will contain agreed-to amount. 

In short, you should hire such agency that will provide you with all the details of their price quote. You should not sign a contract where you agree to pay the agency for something unknown to you. 

Knowledgeable and experienced: 

Research the management, leadership, and recruiting personnel of the agency to check where their professional networks are focused. There are many agencies that post bios of their management and leadership on their corporate website.

Employment is a high pressure sector where competition is very intense. For this, you have to make sure the agency is knowledgeable enough about the job sector and position. It will be great if you look for agency that has been in the business for years. They will have more chances of knowing about the industry and how things work. Make sure the agency has a high standard training program and performance. Otherwise, you won’t get the one you are looking for. 


The construction employment agency has to be very dedicated towards their work. Only a committed agency does the selection process very carefully so that you can get what you desire. The company should take rigorous tests to take the most suitable one from the crowd. Not only that, another sign of a great agency is ensuring the integrity of the person by doing suitable background checks. This way, you can get a reliable agency for finding the right employee. 

Reference and past works: 

From each agency, get a list of references they have previously worked with. Call them to know about their experience with the agency. If you get a positive feedback, it’s a good sign. 

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