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How To Hire A Painter

Getting your house painted is something very exciting. It does not only change the look of the house but also changes the mood and ambient. But the issue here is you cannot take up the project yourself. You will need a pro to do the job for you. 

But hiring a painter without preparation can end up with disaster consequences. That’s why you need to know things needed to be done for hiring someone. 

How to hire a Painter

Get a pro:

For your job, it’s better to approach at least 4 different contractors. Family and friends can be great reference sources. Arrange the initial meetings right at your home. This way, you will know how much time each of the contractors would take to assess the condition of your house. The longer the painter will take, the more realistic the estimate you will get. 

When it comes to experienced painter, he would need more than a quick walk around the home. Make sure to ask the contractors about the size of their crew and experience level of the members. 

State your expectations: 

The number of coats applied by a pro is not only the factor to determine the quality and price of the job. Prep is also a key. So, if you wish for a free of unevenness surface, tell the contractors. And make yourself prepared to pay extra. 

However, if you have no issues with some imperfections, you can agree on what preparation level is acceptable and what isn’t. 

Get estimates: 

From each of the contractors, make sure to see a written estimate. It should include the brand and model of materials, cost of material, breakdown of labor, the number of coats of paint and primer, as well as descriptive details of the amount of surface prep to be done.

Check references and past works:

From each contractor, get a list of references and call them to know about their experience with the painter. If they give a positive feedback, it’s a good sign. 

Moreover, take a look at the recent projects to check their proficiency. 

Consider credentials:

Before hiring a contractor, take their credentials into consideration. Local business group or membership in a trade, for instance, is not a guarantee of quality work. However, it may show a level of reliability and commitment on their part. 

Also check if the painter has the appropriate license(s). At the Contractor’s License Reference Site, you will get the licensing information in your state. Also verify with the Better Business Bureau, the office of attorney general in your state. You can also check with a local consumer-affairs agency to know if the contractor has any history of unsettled complaints.

Get a complete contract:

Make sure the contract includes all the key information of contractor: name, office, cell numbers, address, license number and all the details related to the estimate. Ensure the contract clearly states what is and isn’t included in the project. 

Also, you must have a copy of compensation insurance certificates of the painter’s liability. 

Ask for guarantee: 

A pro should promise to correct any flaking, blistering, peeling, chipping, excessive fading or chalking that can occur within 2 years after the completion of job at no to little cost. 

Choose the paint yourself: 

Your painter may try to suggest you a paint he prefers but you should use the finish you like. 

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