Oven Cleaning Guide for Noobs

You may think that the oven in your house does not need cleaning. Can germs survive in that heat? Of course and there are other disadvantages to an unclean oven- they make the oven inefficient, take longer to cook and at times ruin the flavor of your dish too.

As a complete noob, how do you clean oven? Well, there are different ways and all of them are quite easy. Let’s check them out.

Noob Guide For Cleaning Oven

  1. The Self Cleaning Feature. 

There are some ovens that come with its very own self-cleaning feature. If you own such an oven then all you have to do is read the manual and learn how to use this feature.

Some basic functions while doing this include removing the racks and everything there is inside the oven. It needs to be fully empty. Then, you have to keep the oven door completely shut off, with a lever if there is a kid around when using the self-cleaning feature.

Why? Because when you engage the feature, the oven reaches a very high temperature. The heat turns the grease and dirt into ashes. You have to set the time based on the amount of greasy and dirt inside the oven. It usually ranges from 2-4 hours.

You won’t be opening the door until the oven has cooled down. After that, you can scrape away the dirt and ashes with a spatula or piece of cloth. You can steam clean the oven too, in this case, you just pour in some water in the oven after it has cooled and wait. Then, you clean the dirty water as well.

  1. Baking Soda and Water. 

If your oven does not have the self-cleaning feature then you can clean it with baking soda and water. Take everything out from the oven again and brush or wipe off every solid dirt and grease you can.

Then mix half a cup of baking soda with water reaching a consistency good enough to spread on the inside of the oven. Then, rub the mixture all over the oven. You ave to leave the oven like that for a night.

Then, you have to wipe off the mixture along with the dirt. If the baking soda does not come off with just the wiping cloth, you have to spray a bit of vinegar for the baking soda to react. Then, wipe the vinegar too.

  1. The Racks. 

Unless your racks are made of the enamel coating, you cannot keep them inside the oven during the self-cleaning process. This is because the color and material of the racks melt in the high temperature.

You have to soak the racks in warm water mixed with a detergent/ dishwasher. Then, after a night of it soaking, you have to rub the dirt off and dry the racks.

Final Words

If you know how to clean an oven, it really is not that complex, is it? You should clean quite often because the more you let the dirt grow, the more effect the dirt will have on your food and oven. It will be harder to clean later on as well.

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